• GOA Double Room – $2,695.00
  • GOA Shared Room – $2,995.00
  • GOA Single Room – $0.00


With Erin Lewis and Julian Hyzler

February 5 - 11, 2017

FORM+FOCUS – Join us for another adventure in the amazing land of India and one of our most popular retreats this year! Luxurious Goan setting, spas + MORE during this FORM+FOCUS retreat.

About the Leaders


Erin Lewis

Now on the seventh year of retreats, EAT.PRAY.MOVE was born from Erin’s love of yoga and travel, and a passion to share these two loves with others. She calls both the US and Italy home these days and loves to share la bella vita with others. Italy and many other locations around the Mediterranean beckon her […]

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Julian Hyzler

From his home base in Italy, Julian leads many art retreats each year and is our host for the EAT.PRAY.MOVE Tuscany retreat weeks as well. In 2014, we began to collaborate outside of Italy and now co-host our FORM+FOCUS retreats which combine yoga, meditation, and movement alongside art, photography, and creativity. Julian is the founder of […]

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